Creating Text Outline in AI (Adobe Illustrator): A Detailed Guide

   Many designers use Adobe Illustrator (AI), which is a professional design program. One fundamental skill you must master in order to use AI is creating text outlines. In the article that follows, let's examine the details!
  Here are two clear and simple instructions on how to make a text outline in AI!

Creating Text Outline in AI (Adobe Illustrator): A Detailed Guide

1. How to Create a Text Outline in AI Using Two Easy Techniques

  Using Offset Path or Stroke in AI, you can make a text outline. Each technique has special qualities all its own.
  AI Text Outline with Stroke Creation
  Step 1: On the toolbar on the left side of the screen in the AI workspace, select the Type Tool (represented by the letter T). The T shortcut key can also be used to quickly access this tool.

Creating Text Outline in AI

  Step 2: Type the text into the design page and choose the text you want to outline with the Selection Tool. To access this tool instead, press the V shortcut key. Select the Properties panel after that.

Creating Text Outline in AI

  Step 3: The Type, Transform, and Appearance dialog boxes will appear in the Properties panel. Select Appearance to start building a text outline.
  They are in default mode if you see a white box with a diagonal line, like in the example below. Click on it to form the text outline, then choose any color!

Creating Text Outline in AI

  Step 4: Modify the Stroke box's settings on the right side to change the text's outline's thickness.

  Step 5: Use the Selection Tool to choose the text you want to alter, then choose Stroke from the toolbar that displays. This will allow you to alter the color of the text outline.

2. How to use Offset Path in Illustrator to make text borders

  Step 1: Using this approach, you can still type on the design interface with the Type Tool. Don't forget to access it more quickly by using the shortcut key T! Enter the words you like to include on the design page after that.

 Step 2: Choose the Selection Tool to convert the text into a vector object. The V shortcut key will expedite things. After that, click on the text that you made on the design page, pick the Object tag as seen in the picture, and then choose the Expand command.

Creating Text Outline in AI

  Step 3: The Expand dialog box will appear. To turn the chosen item into a vector, use Ctrl + Shift + O on your keyboard. To save the changes, click Ok.

  Step 4: Choose the Path option under the Object tag, then click the Offset Path command.

  Step 5: Modify the settings in the Offset Path dialog box to get the border line you want.
• Offset: The space between the text and border size.
• Joins: The appropriate kind of border line.
  Choose the Preview checkbox to get a preview of the changes. Click "Ok" if you're happy with the outcomes.

Creating Text Outline in AI

  Step 6: To change the border color to your preference, click on the border color box in the toolbar.

3. Conclusion

  You may use these two simple techniques to make text borders in Adobe Illustrator. We believe that this post will assist you in producing more outstanding design goods. I hope your efforts are successful!


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