How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator (AI) - A Detailed Guide

  Designers must use Adobe Illustrator's filling colors feature in order to produce professional and eye-catching design products using their own colors (AI). This comprehensive tutorial will show you how to fill colors in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

1. What is Filling Colors in AI?

  Design professionals often fill colors in AI for their publications. Also, because this is a vector drawing program, coloring or painting become some of the most popular tasks.

  There are now 4 well-liked methods for filling colors in AI, including:
  • Color filling in the grid style: The color will be filled using the grid system's color mixing technique. Each grid will start off with a distinct hue before blending into one another over time.
  • Filling in colors in a gradient style: This method of coloring uses a variety of colors with color transitions.
  • Filling in colors in the form of a stroke: The stroke tool is well-known for painting the edges of objects. This kind of coloring is extensively utilized and fairly well-liked.
  • Color filling by blending in Corel: With this kind of coloring, the coloring strategy is to build a great number of objects between 2 original objects using colors and forms made from the original item.

2. A Detailed Guide on How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

  Filling colors for objects in AI
  The following steps may be used to fill color for objects in AI:
  Step 1: To pick the item to be colored, use either the Direct Selection Tool or one of the two Selection Tools.

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

  Step 2: Choose the Fill box tool from the toolbar on the workspace's left side.

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

  Step 3: Choose the color you wish to fill the item with in the Color Picker dialog box, and you're done!

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

  Colorize the outline of the object
  Step 1: Use the Live Paint Selection tool to choose an edge in the Live Paint group before coloring an object's outline.

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

 Step 2: Choose the Stroke icon from the toolbar. The control panel, attribute panel, and color panel all have access to this tool.

How to Fill Colors in Adobe Illustrator

 Step 3. Click the Stroke box to bring up the Color Picker window. To fill the outline surrounding the chosen item with color, pick a color from this window.

3. Instructions for removing the color of an object or outline in AI

  The steps for coloring an object and its contour in AI are listed above. Also includes advice on how to do the following when using AI to remove an object's color or outline:
  Step 1: Using the Selection Tool, choose the item that was previously colored.
  Step 2: To remove an object's color, click on the Fill box. To remove an object's color from its outline, click on the Stroke box.
  Step 3: In the toolbar, choose the None option to remove all colors from the object's outline and from the object itself.

4. Some notes to keep in mind

  You must differentiate between Fill and Stroke while coloring in AI. As you are aware, Fill will determine the object's color. Stroke, on the other hand, will be the hue of the outline.
  Regardless of whether they are chosen as a single item or as a group, all selected objects will have the same hue.
  To change the current color of Fill and Stroke relative to one another, utilize the Swap Fill and Stroke tool. Default Fill Stroke is an additional helpful feature that will assist you in resetting the color of the item and its contour to the default color.

5. Conclusion

  AI coloring is simple to do; with only a few simple steps, you may color the item whatever you choose. You should find this essay useful in your academics and day-to-day tasks, I hope.


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