How to Uninstall and Remove Google Drive From Your PC

  Follow the instructions below to easily uninstall Google Drive if you need to remove it from your device for private reasons in specific situations.

Guide On Temporarily Pausing And Uninstalling Google Drive

1. Reasons to uninstall Google Drive from your device

  These are some typical justifications for why you would wish to remove Google Drive from your device:

1.1 Reduce the need for storage

  Uninstalling Google Drive will significantly increase the amount of storage space on a device with limited storage.

1.2 Secure individual data

  Uninstalling Google Drive can help protect the security of papers and personal data if your device has been used by several users.

1.3 Boost equipment performance

  The Google Drive app could have delays, sluggish performance, or other issues after some period of use. The software may be uninstalled to enhance device performance.

2. Is data lost after uninstalling Google Drive?

  When you remove a Google Drive account, all of the files, folders, and other data that were saved there are also deleted. Thus, you will lose all data if you delete the account without first backing up your information.
  But, if you just wish to remove the Google Drive app, no data will be lost. Nevertheless, if you don't reinstall this software on your smartphone, files and data will stop syncing with Google Drive.

3. How to remove Google Drive from your PC

  Use these methods to remove Google Drive from your Windows operating system:
  Step 1: Locate and choose the Google Drive application.
  Step 2: Choose Uninstall and then confirm your choice.

Guide On Temporarily Pausing And Uninstalling Google Drive

 Step 3: The system will then ask you to approve the deletion of the app once again. To uninstall the Google Drive app from your device, choose Ok.

4. How to pause momentarily Drive by Google

  Step 1: Just choose "Pause" from the menu that appears to momentarily halt Google Drive.

Guide On Temporarily Pausing And Uninstalling Google Drive

  Step 2: To confirm, click "Pause synchronization."

Guide On Temporarily Pausing And Uninstalling Google Drive

  Just start the app and choose "Resume" to synchronize the most recent files and folders from your account in order to continue using Google Drive.
  The information in this post should enable you to quickly understand how to remove Google Drive as well as key points to remember after utilizing this Google service. Wishing you success with your efforts!


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