How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

   Everyone studying or using Adobe Illustrator (AI) should be able to draw straight lines since it is a fundamental skill. Let's read the following article to get the most comprehensive explanation on how to create straight lines in AI.
  You may build even higher-quality products on the base of AI straight line drawing.

How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

1. How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

  Step 1: From the toolbar in the main interface, choose the Pen Tool (shortcut key P). Hold down the mouse button while using the Pen Tool for roughly a second to see the hidden choices.
  The cursor will be replaced by a tiny "x" symbol when you choose the pen tool. You may begin creating a new route when you see this little "x" symbol.

How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

 Step 2: To add the initial fixed point of the straight line, click once anywhere on the canvas. You should be aware that you cannot drag or move the mouse during this phase.
  Use Ctrl + Z for Windows or Cmd + Z for Mac to undo and click again if you accidently drag and only see lines.

  Step 3: Click once more to establish the following fixed point. The length of the line you wish to draw affects the distance between two locations.
  Don't forget to hold down the Shift key when clicking the mouse to restrict the creation of lines that are multiples of 45 degrees!
  Remember that when you click on the canvas, the first fixed point you create will be empty and the final point will be a solid square block icon.

  Step 4: Click on more locations on the canvas to establish additional fixed points, and the route through the center of AI will be automatically built for you without requiring you to drag and link between points.
  Close the route if you wish to fill in a space. Just click on the first point you made to close a route. The route will then be closed, and a little circular icon will show up on the screen next to the pen tool pointer.
  The pointer will shift to show that you may start a new route as soon as the path is closed.

How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

2. With Adobe Illustrator, how do you add or remove anchor points?

  To change the path's curvature while sketching in Adobe Illustrator, you may need to add or remove anchor points. In further detail, here's how to accomplish it:

Loss of Anchor Points
  Use the "Delete Anchor Point Tool" from the toolbox to remove anchor points. You may access this tool by using the "-" key on your keyboard or by looking under "Pen Tool." After that, click the anchor point you want to remove. The remaining lines will automatically link up when the anchor point is removed.

How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

Anchor Points are Added
  With the "Add Anchor Point Tool," click on any location along the route to add anchor points. Adding a point may not dramatically alter the geometry of the route, but modifying the new point will show the difference.
  Paths may be simply drawn in Adobe Illustrator by following a few simple steps. These methods are simple to use and may be used to produce a variety of forms.

How To Draw Straight Line With Pen Tool Illustrator

3. Conclusion

  I'm hoping the advice in this post will make it simple and detailed for you to create routes in Adobe Illustrator. Please share your thoughts and suggestions in the space below. Good fortune!


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