How To Remove Background Noise From FaceTime Calls On iPhone & iPad

 Voice conversations and video calls may both be significantly impacted by ambient noise from the surroundings. 
  Fortunately, you can remove this noise from your conversations with a few quick touches if you're using an iPhone running iOS 16.4. You may follow the instructions in this article to achieve that.

How To Remove Background Noise From FaceTime Calls On iPhone & iPad

  We're talking about a feature called Vocal Isolation. In actuality, it's not a really original feature. It was added to iOS 15 to make it easier for other people to clearly hear the user's voice during audio and video chats. 
  When it was first released, Voice Isolation, however, could only be used for FaceTime conversations and calls made using a select few outside applications, such Messenger. Voice Isolation on the iPhone is now compatible with mobile calls thanks to iOS 16.4.

  Here's how to activate the iPhone's function for noise reduction during FaceTime and mobile conversations.

1. How does voice isolation work? What is it?

  Voice Isolation essentially eliminates all background noise, leaving just the user's speech. Call audio gets much crisper and more clear as a consequence. 
  While making phone conversations in public settings including restaurants, airports, bus terminals, and cafés, voice isolation is highly helpful.

2. Which iPhone models are Voice Isolation compatible?

  You must first determine if your device supports Vocal Isolation before learning how to activate and utilize it. Voice Isolation is only compatible with the following iPhone models, according to Apple:
  SE iPhone (2nd generation and later)
  iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 series, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max
  You also need to upgrade your compatible smartphone to iOS 16.4 as soon as possible.

3. How to activate Voice Isolation for iPhone FaceTime and mobile calls

  If you meet both of the aforementioned conditions, follow these instructions to activate and utilize Vocal Isolation:
  Step 1: Launch the Voice Isolation-compatible app, such as the Phone app or FaceTime, in the first step.
  Step 2: As always, place a voice or video call.
  Step 3: Open the Control Center.
 Step 4: Hold down the Mic Mode icon while choosing Vocal Isolation from the pop-up menu. Your voice will become significantly clearer and noise-free right away.

  In conclusion, Voice Isolation is a noise-cancelling function for FaceTime and mobile calls for iPhones running iOS 16.4. For people who regularly make calls in loud settings, it is really helpful.


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