Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

 While shortening Google Drive URLs can appear simple, there are a lot of services where you can do it for free, making your task challenging. Use the incredible tool provided by the "official" Google, nevertheless, to guarantee the highest level of information security.
  Use the Google-provided link-shortening tool if you want to publish a Google Drive link on social media but it is too lengthy and affects the article as a whole. It is very powerful and completely secure. Let's discover how to accomplish it below!

Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

1. Why is it necessary to shorten URLs to Google Drive?

  The following situations call for the usage of shortening Google Drive links, often known as making shortened links:

Shorten the link's length
  The URL you use to share a Google Drive document might be hard to remember and fairly lengthy. You may make the URL shorter and simpler to remember by shortening it.

Adapt access privileges
  You may choose alternative access levels for people, such as read-only or editing access, when you shorten a link to a Google Drive document. This makes it easier for you to manage who has access to your document and what rights they have.

Safeguarding information security
  When you share a Google Drive document, you don't want the recipient to know the file's name or any other details about your Google account. You may protect the privacy of this information by shortening the URL.
  In conclusion, reducing Google Drive URLs is an easy and safe approach to distribute your work on a variety of platforms.

2. How to shorten URLs to Google Drive

  Use Google's "Google URL Shortener" short link generating tool to condense a Google link (goo.gl). Nevertheless, Google officially stopped offering this service in March 2019 and began utilizing Firebase Dynamic Links instead to generate short links.
  A Google tool called Firebase Dynamic Links is intended to provide your mobile apps shorter and easier-to-remember connections. The fact that it is based on HTTPS and employs link encryption to secure user information gives it a high level of security.

2. Use Firebase Dynamic Links to shorten Google URLs by doing the following actions

  Step 1: Visit the Google Firebase website at https://firebase.google.com in the first step.

Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

  Step 2: Log in to your Google account (if you don't already have one, go to the Firebase website and create an account).

Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

  Step 3: Click "Start a project" to start a new Firebase project.
  Step 4: The "Firebase console" will be shown when you successfully create a project. Click the "New Dynamic Link" button to begin generating a brief connection by selecting "Dynamic Links" from the left menu.

Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

  Step 5: Type the lengthy link to be abbreviated into the "Link" box and press "Next."

Quick Guide to Shortening Google Drive Links

  Step 6: After giving your short link a unique name, click "Create."
  Step 7: Click the "Copy" button to copy this brief link, then paste it anywhere you wish to share it.
  Remember that Firebase Dynamic Links provides a lot more functionality than just link shortening, such determining how successful advertisements are and monitoring user activity on mobile apps.

3. On other websites, should you use link shorteners?

  On other websites, using link shorteners has both benefits and drawbacks:

  • Links can be shortened, making it simple for people to visit the link without having to type in a lengthy and complicated address. 

  • Traffic can be recorded, and the number of users who access the link may be tallied.

  • Employing link shorteners on other websites increases the likelihood that your link may be shared on dubious or fraudulent websites, which might harm your brand.
  • If you need to save a lot of links, some free link shortening providers may have capabilities and storage capacities that are restricted, rendering them useless.

  This article should assist you in "pocketing" a useful tool for condensing Google Drive URLs prior to sharing them on social media. All the best to you!


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