Simple Way to Boost Your WiFi Speed - Update Now

  You may be asking how to increase your WiFi speed if you have a lot of gadgets at home that need a WiFi connection. You may locate the ideal answer with the aid of this article.

  There is a maximum number of devices that may connect to each WiFi router. Your Internet speed can decrease if you have too many devices connected. You may either purchase a better router to correct this issue or use the instructions below to increase your WiFi speed.

Simple Way to Boost Your WiFi Speed

1. How to increase WiFi speed by adding more WiFi routers:

  Step 1: Use an Ethernet cable or WiFi to connect your computer or phone to the main router's WiFi signal.

Simple Way to Boost Your WiFi Speed

  Step 2: To access the WiFi router administration page, open your web browser, put "" in the address box, and press Enter.
  Step 3: To log in, enter your username and password. Typically, this data is written in the manual, on the box, or on the bottom of the router.
  Step 4: Choose "Local Network" and disable DHCP mode. After you do this, the WiFi router's IP address will change to match your primary router's IP address. Your devices may now access your home network if they are linked to the extra router.
  Congratulations! By adding an extra router, you were able to increase your WiFi speed. The following are key points to bear in mind:
  Ensure sure there are no more than 250 devices connected to the extra router in total.
  Really, you should only have 7–10 devices connected to the extra router.
 The WAN port on the extra router will cease functioning as soon as DHCP is off. To connect to the main router, avoid using this port.

2. Definitions of certain phrases used in relation to accelerating WiFi

  • A WiFi access point, sometimes referred to as an AP, is a device that shares the Internet with other devices after receiving network signals from a router. Typically, WiFi access points feature antennae, commonly referred to as "whiskers," which make it simple to distinguish them from other transmitting and receiving devices and increase WiFi range.
  • Router: A router is an Internet-sharing device that does routing. A router produces a distinct IP range when it gets a network from a modem over a WAN connection.
  • DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is a protocol that allocates IP addresses automatically. This protocol often coexists with related parameters like the default subnet mask and gateway.
  • IP Address: Short for Internet Protocol Address, IP is a string of digits that identifies a server and allows data to be sent and received from that server.
  • WAN Port: The WAN port gets one IP address from the router and then uses that IP address range to allocate additional IP addresses. This network port may be distinguished from the other ports by its distinctive hue.
  Please leave a comment below if you want technical assistance or have any other inquiries about how to enhance WiFi speed.


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